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Granting Permission to Take a Break

Is easier said than done - especially in the world of the self-employed! I've been set on "stuck" mode all week feeling no motivation except for the pull of the couch, some crochet and deep thought. Of course, passing that 54 year milestone last week means I understand full well that I am in decision-making mode when this happens. Sometimes I am max speed motivated where nothing can get in my way, while other times I just seem to freeze physically and get very agitated mentally. There is too much uncertainty on the path in front of me and decisions seem daunting.

The good news is when this frozen state finally melts away, I typically pop back into creative flow!

What have I been pondering? What has me stuck? The Farm Store and the Farmhouse World Kitchen both have me feeling inert. I've been at a loss for new product ideas that feel fun and would work for the farm store. And, in terms of the Kitchen, I've been a little reluctant to publish a calendar of events even though I have a ton of ideas. I'm not sure the concepts are good, or the dates right, or the food what people want. I feel like I am forever stuck in "test kitchen" mode until I have tried a variety of ideas. So, today when I woke up feeling the jazz of release, I knew it was time to get moving again. New products and new FWK fun on the way!

Exciting news on the farm - William got Mr. Combine out and harvested the sunflower seeds! You can see some of them in the top of the hopper in the photo above. Soon we will get the press going and be back in delicious sunflower oil! Somebody posted on Facebook that they have been using our mustard, shrub, honey and oil to make salad dressing! Yes, indeed, I am excited to be able to sell our "Maple Mustard Vinaigrette" once again! I've heard from a number of our salad dressing fans that they have been in withdrawal! Me too.

American Gothic Farmhouse @ Farmhouse World Kitchen Conjuring and Costuming

Here's my plan for a little American Gothic fun at the Farmhouse World Kitchen. Grant Wood painted this iconic image in 1930 just moments before the bank that houses the FWK went under. The Great Depression ushered in long faces and soup lines. I figure like Mexico's Day of the Dead, we should take on our modern-day recession with a little tongue-in-cheek and pay homage to tough times past. Come to the Kitchen for Depression Era Soups and a photo op in front of Grant Wood's American Gothic Farmhouse. These events will happen the last two weekends in October. Saturday/Sunday October 22-23 12pm-2pm and October 29-30 12pm-2pm. I'll have a couple of soups available each day, bread and butter, drinks and some special FWK broke bank cookies! Food will be set up self-serve buffet style. Bring your funny friends and family to help remind the gods of economic depressions that they can stay away! I've got the backdrop and the costumes, you bring the camera.

You can choose to imitate the long faces and serious demeanor in Grant Wood's piece, or...

Have a little fun with it!

I've got a calendar in the works of events for November and December. Stay tuned.


I've been having a bit of fun making cookies. You'll find big chewy Chocolate Chip and Old-Fashioned Molasses cookies in the freezer. I've also got some beautiful wool felted bowls that would make lovely holiday gifts. These bowls are shallow and perfect for little do-dads on a bathroom counter, bedside table or entryway. William has the store stocked with our regular Sunflower Birdseed, a "Seed For Birds" bird seed made from the sunflower screenings (small sunflower seeds and wild seeds) that chickens and other birds love, and rye for your garden cover-cropping, backyard buddies or porridge if you're ambitious enough to clean it, soak it and cook it! If you need large orders of rye for many acres of cover cropping, William can hook you up.

Ok. Now that I was up and feeling motivated, I better get back to it. Stay well. Stay warm. Go kindly through your day.

Sending love from the farm,


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