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As the restaurant sale went though negotiations, I felt the need to hunker down, and in a sense, hold my breath. We received the offer August 23rd and finally closed on October 6th after many agonizing weeks of uncertainty and limbo. I just didn't want to jinx it, so I wasn't talking about the sale and certainly trying not to think about it. That's why I listened to so many audiobooks! It helped distract me.

Now that I can breathe again I have focused my energies back on the Farm Store, and sheesh, does that feel good! To only have one project to think about is such a huge relief!

We have needed more freezer space in the store for awhile, so I was thrilled to find this little guy a few days ago. It's found a new home as host to all those soups and cookies you love so much! Now there is room to expand my offerings a bit. Not only do I have more freezer space, but renewed headspace to get creative and bring in a some new products!

While I'm dealing with the little itty bitty machines in the kitchen that help with our fruit and veggie harvest, William got the HUGE combine out this week to go after the grains. First he'll harvest soybeans, then plant some rye. After that it'll be time to take the sunflower seeds and the corn. In between it all, he's still got hay to cut and bale. He's getting to some of his FOURTH crop this year due to a long, warm and dry season.

I have new products in the store, the leaves are still gorgeous out this way and there is a lot going on for FALL FUN in our direction. If you've never seen our River List, check it out for local off-the-beaten path ideas. The West Coast of Wisconsin webpage is also a great local resource for fun ideas. Hope to see you out and about!

Sending love from the farm,


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