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Farmhouse World Kitchen Relaunch Reopen Th 8/11

The restaurant is empty, but not for long!

After weeks of high impact living on the gas fumes of a misfiring heart, rest has become the guiding force in my life. I am still not at full recovery, but able to do more each day. I figure recuperation from this momentary crash will play out like a vacation. There will come a time, when boredom creeps in allowing my mind will wander to all that I want to accomplish, energy will begin to build, and I will wake up ready to hit the ground running! I'm sensing that moment is near, but still get pretty pooped out before the day is done.

So, my plan at this time is to reopen the Farmhouse World Kitchen on Thursday, August 11th. I think that will give me enough time to rebuild my strength and get good and ready to be done with this "Staycation!"

We will be open for Lunch and Supper Thursday - Saturday

11:30 - 2:00

5:00 - 8:00

Find us at 401 Main Street, Plum City, WI

We DO NOT take reservations - you don't need them, just come on down.

We DO NOT have a restaurant phone. We're very busy making goodness. We're doing things the old-fashioned way because it's better.

Thank you for all the healing love you've sent my way - it has most certainly been appreciated! It is in times like these in life, that one is able to take stock of community and recognize how truly connected we all are. It's humbling and wowsome! I'm sure that's a word!

See you all soon.

Sending love from the convalescence couch,


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