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Farm Store in the Works

This is the old barn; the big red barn where down below, William milked until one day in 2013 when it just no longer seemed a good idea. Also, not typically a good idea to leave the barn doors open, but for our Saturday "Pop Up Farm Store," the big doors you can see on the left will be open. Inside you will find our market in the hay mow. Hay's sold out, but there is a fare amount of organic straw for vegetable gardens. You can't miss the barn and the south driveway at N1972 420th Street. We're just around the corner from the "blueberry farm" that is Rush River Produce.

We've got many items for sale. You can check out our "Products and Services" page on the website, but in a nutshell, we have a variety of feed and seed, and pantry staples including grass-fed ground beef, eggs, sunflower oil, maple syrup, and Maple Sun Salad Dressing. Last year we grew organic CBD Hemp and partnered our hemp with our organic sunflower oil into CBD oil. Next Saturday we will introduce our CBD Body Butter. Each week we will offer new products as the seasons change.

The farm store has been a cool project to plan and to see it take shape. All of the lumber, doors and windows are reclaimed/recycled. William and friend, Kyle, framed out the floor and side walls the last couple of days. It'll be a lovely place to create the Lake View Organic Farm Store!

We'll have our pop-up open Saturdays from 9-5. You can stop in any time. We'll have some of our products out, but if you need large quantities of seeds or other farm goods, give us a call or text 715-222-8234.

Thanks for supporting local growers and producers!

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