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Farm Stay Anyone?

We've decided to once again rent the Dirt Farm for vacation rental. I've been in a mad dash this week getting it in shape for renters; enjoying a fresh coat of paint on the upstairs floor and DEEP cleaning all its bits and pieces. If you are interested in a farm stay, or know anyone who would enjoy the peace and natural beauty of our area, please feel free to spread the word. We are listed here on the VRBO website.


Big snows last week combined with abnormally cold temperatures brought farming to a stand still. To think these mowers thought they might yet be needed one more time before going into the shed for storage! Thankfully, William got all the soybeans in just before the snows hit, and with it staying cold, the corn harvest can continue. The grain bin is ready to follow the combine to the fields today, and if miracles happen, we'll get a truck to haul to Red Wing Grain. "Keep peckin' away at it," as William always says. Hopefully, there will be a warm up that will last a few weeks and we can get it all done.

In the meantime crops planted along the woods are getting decimated by hungry deer. They seem to particularly enjoy the sunflowers planted at the top of our sugar hill.


The store is warm with a heater and floor rug to keep it toasty! We are stocked with a couple of soups for a quick warm lunch or supper, the Sesame Ginger Cabbage Kimchi is crunchy, healthy and delicious, and of course, we have a freezer full of grass-fed beef. As always, we have a wide variety of CBD oils, balms and butters, some lovely artful home decor pieces, and CHOCOLATES for your daily sweet CBD dose! Stop in to check us out!

I heard from a few people who reported lilacs blooming in September this year. Here is my Christmas Cactus that normally blooms around Thanksgiving, but this year going into bloom for Halloween!

Enjoy the little things!

Love to you all,

Sarah Brenner

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