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Embracing the Beauty of Driftless Wisconsin

It's always beautiful out here in Western Wisconsin, but some days are just absolute perfection. Yesterday was one of those days, and it looks like more to come in the next couple of weeks. It's that time of year where verdant greens explode, plant growth is so fast it is nearly visible with the naked eye and the birds, holy cow, I just close my eyes and am transported to one of the tropical places visited in the past. Days like this shimmer and buzz with life. We're drawn to it.

I've been dabbling in the gardens working to get the greenhouse, flower beds and various plots and patches planted. We're just starting to harvest radishes, a few lettuces and a bit of kale from the outside beds, but inside the warm greenhouse the veggies look stunted and in shock! Everything prefers to be outside this time of year it seems.

William is working to get the fields planted, but intermittent rain keeps foiling his plans. When he's out of the fields he has time to work on other projects - fixing machinery, sorting metal recycling and CLEANING the shop! Yes, it's true. I've tried to be nonchalant about his organizing and cleaning, but it secretly surprises me! He gets so serious about farming this time of year...motivated to put it all in order, I suppose.

We continue to build product for the Farm Store as this new season rolls along. You'll find all sorts of new things: herbal teas, jams, a variety of cookies and...I'm watching the PEONIES. As soon as their buds begin to poof, I'm hoping to have bouquets in the store. My peony bushes love this rain and are full of buds. I'm testing the theory that they can be cut as buds, refrigerated and "forced" open with warm water. Fingers crossed! If it works, we can leave the bouquets in the Farm Store fridge and not worry about getting them into the market only on our busy weekends. Timing is everything in farming.

The River Road is spectacular this time of year. Wild flowers are in full bloom, our little towns full of charm and fun are waiting for your visit, and, as I always say, "You need a little farm in your life." Stop out for a farm store visit.

Sending love from the farm,


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