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East Winds Bring Changes

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The old timers will tell you when the wind comes from the east, storms are a brewin'. Fickle Spring weather is coming our way - perfect for a girl who likes to try new things!

This time of year the Deer Dudes are out gleaning wherever they

can - fields, gardens and yards...all fair game!

I'm going to host a series of FRIDAY EVENING EVENTS (6:30-9:00) this month at the Farmhouse World Kitchen. I think it'll be something fun and different for our neck of the woods.

Friday, March 17th LIMERICK PARTY. Bring some of your funny friends and join us for an evening of Irish wit and laughter. We'll read some limericks, fill in the blanks for a few and even attempt our own.

CANCELLED Friday, March 24th TRAVELING PANTS & FREE ADVICE. Come with your burning questions, best ideas and sage wisdom. We can make this as light or serious as it needs. Bring a big heart, lots of empathy or a humorists approach to solving the world's problems. Problems provided for anyone without one!

CANCELLED Friday, March 31st STORY-TELLING / POETRY SLAM. Bring your best memoir narrative or poem to share. If you don't have one of your own, but want to play, there will be a few poems or stories to read aloud.

If you come hungry, I'll be serving up some shareable NOSH BOXES - a riff on the Wisconsin Supper Club RELISH TRAY with dips, dunkers and nibbles of all sorts. Also available wine, beer, and a different mocktail each week.

Gather your friends and join us in Plum City (401 Main Street) for some silly fun community building adventures!

The maple trees are tapped and dripping. Storms tend to stop the flow, so we'll see what happens over the next couple of days. We'll likely be cooking soon! That means SAP COFFEE and MAPLE SHRUB are right around the corner - oh yeah!

Looking forward to seeing you all out for some Friday FUN!

Sending love from the farm,


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