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Coming Up Green Making You Hungry?

Spring has sprung out here, and I am getting hungry! Every bud, every new leaf brings to mind a taste sensation. Inspecting all the new growth I discover I'm salivating. There is a deep hunger for a crisp pear, the juicy pop of a raspberry or gooseberry, the tangy sour of rhubarb melding with sweet in a crisp. Greens popping out of the ground seem like sirens calling to every cell in my body that nutrition is on its way.

It seems those of us who live through winter (despite access to fresh vegetables) must suffer some form of deprivation of nutrients, as this response to spring's new growth is visceral.

A bag of rye seed from the field suggested to me that I sprout it to make a salad and add a pesto made with stinging nettles (blanched, of course), wild onions, chives, and oregano from the garden. If it turns out as delicious as I hope, you might find some "Sprouted Rye Salad with Spring Foraged Greens" in this Saturday's 9-5 Barn Door's Open pop-up!

William's take on Spring Green, "Burying seeds has begun."

William also reports after moving bales of this and that off the fields yesterday that we have some bedding available: There are 20 5 x 6 bales of organic soybean stubble with lots of grass $50 each.

There's a lot happening on the farm! Hope you can stop in to check out our goods and projects.

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