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Cleansing Spirits and Cleaning Grain

Call me superstitious, but I've been noticing energy in my life lately. Energy as in spirits and an unexplainable connection to the past. It's probably just that time of year (or time of life), but I have this weird sense of the spirit world for some reason. Not that I am walking around jabbering with folks from times past or having any sort of ectoplasmic gushes, but am somehow feeling that I need to assuage their needs...or sit them down for a strict finger wagging maybe.

Last week I happened by when William was cleaning rye seed with this old-fashioned 1920s or 30s relic of a grain cleaner, and was struck with the idea that the machine didn't seem so old to me. Something about it shaking away in the shed reminded me of a time when it was somehow new in my life. Of course, it really was new in my life about five years ago when I first met William, but inexplicably, I know the old farm machines as if they were factory fresh. Not only do old aspects of the farm feel familiar to me, but I've always been drawn to old turn-of-the-century buildings as well. Have I been reincarnated from an old soul? Do I have a connection to other times and places? Do these reverberations show themselves to me from time to time? Typically, I don't believe these sorts of things, but getting a pacemaker and no longer feeling quite so invincible, has given my macabre brain a bit more conviction when visiting such ideas.

The purchase of 401 Main Street in Plum City has also alerted me to the spiritual world. I've been reluctant to talk about this as it all sounds so she's lost her marbles, but there is something about this building that makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of hoodoo voodoo that's cursed the property. As a bank, it went belly up in 1930 leaving many a farmer with nothing but lint in their pockets. I'm sure a fair number of those who lost their nest eggs shook a fist or hurled a curse or two in the bank's direction. I don't know if anyone died at the moment of the bank's collapse, or just left this world angry after suffering prolonged financial loss, but there is recent history of the building that is notable. I won't go into detail, but just awhile ago, one of the building's tenets went to prison, one died by suicide and I myself nearly went kaput walking up from the basement only to be saved by an emergency pacemaker. Am I being dramatic, or could this building use an exorcism of sorts?

Just to be safe, and in case a malevolent spirit is indeed active, I have been leaving offerings and cajoling their bad temper with jokes when I am around. My plan for this weekend's pop-up, to reflect on the Great Depression, is a way to remind spirits of times past that they should either settle down happily or move on. I'm inviting them for a little lunch and tongue-in-cheek play on times past. Hopefully they get the joke! If they are miffed for some reason, I think a little Bossy Flossy finger wagging could be in order. Come help me tell them, "Go be mad somewhere else!"

The "American Gothic" farmhouse and costume set-up is ready for your fun. Last weekend I had a lovely visit with some girlfriends who got into character for a quick photo shoot. Notice Carrie held the stoic look but Naomi couldn't resist a little smirk!

Playing American Gothic is perfect for those of you who may be like me when it comes to photos. In an attempt to take a selfie to record our girlfriend weekend, Carrie set her phone camera to an automatic countdown so she could easily hold the phone to snap a picture. Each time I watched the camera flashing the countdown on the screen, (3 - 2 - 1) an even more tense look shrouded my face. We tried a few photos, and each time I looked more unsettled, until someone suggested, "Let's do the kiss!" Suddenly, they planted kisses on my cheeks, I giggled in delight, and got captured in a moment where I'm not looking completely consternated! Shoo evil spirits! The living have me in good care.

What's new in the Farm Store this week?

For my soup fans, the freezer is full. There is a Smoky Bean and Bacon, Roasted Tomato, African Peanut and Green Chili Chicken Pozole. I absolutely LOVE cranberry season here in Wisconsin, so you will find my favorite, Cranberry Cabernet Jam is ready for your toast. William has sunflower seeds out in bigger bags for those of you who enjoy filling your feeders.

Farmhouse World Kitchen

We will be open for self-serve buffet style Depression Era Soup and Bread Bar this weekend. Come with some silly friends and help me cajole any agitated spirits to rest. We'll be open for LUNCH Saturday and Sunday 12-2. Despite being Depression themed, I promise delicious!

Sending love from the farm,


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Denise Moreno
Denise Moreno
Oct 21, 2022

Hey should cleanse the energy of the bank bldg with sweet really works. Do you know any Natives? They would have it and know how to do it.


Stephanie Moeller
Stephanie Moeller
Oct 20, 2022

We are looking forward to lunch at Farmhouse World Kitchen this weekend! We have been eating a lot of soup this fall and your menu sounds perfect.

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