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Can She Make It Through The Spring?

William told me Spring was hard as a farmer. If I could make it through the Spring, understanding that there is no time for anything other than farming, then we could make it as a couple. Well, until this year, I didn't think anything of it - no problem! Now this year, on top of all of the regular Spring farm business, we're renovating a building that will become a restaurant. Let's just say the timing is bad, very bad! The crops are priority for William and for me, the restaurant is priority. I know it will all get done, but not as timely as I'd like. When I look at the seed packets wondering when I'll ever get them planted, I remind myself that up here on the hills, the soil is too cold yet anyway. Next week I'll plant and this week I'll paint.

I'm excited to transform this light filled dining room into a farm-focused eatery! While it may look austere in its all white transformation at present, once the interior design elements and furniture are in place, it will offer our community a backdrop for gorgeous fresh-from-the-farms-made-from-scratch food. I've always thought food looks best on white plates and a white background even better to showcase the rainbow of colors I'm going to be showcasing!

The farm is busy with a million new chickens, tractors everywhere and GREEN things growing so fast we can see it with our bare eyes. Stop out to see it during these exciting times! The farm store is open Thursday - Sunday 9-5. William put out lots of our rye straw for you gardeners who need to mulch your newly planted seed and starts.

Happy Spring everyone!


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