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Bull Calves on the Lawn & Too Hot To Cook

This bull calf caught the, "Because I Can" illness! He's on the lawn because he fits (just barely) between the broken slats of the fence. Oh oh, we better get that fixed before the rest of the herd gets the same idea!

This is that time of year where mountains of tomatoes begin the great simmer. Soon I won't be able to keep up with them. Soups, pizza sauce and salsa in the works.

I also got the big idea that I'd make a batch of Swedish Meatballs. They are in the fridge bound for the freezer at the Farm Store tomorrow. Of course, they are smothered in Cream Gravy with a dash of nutmeg. And, despite the fact that it's so hot, soup seemed to beckon to me! There will be a batch of Pinto Corn Chili and Chicken & Sausage Gumbo for those of you looking for a few hearty meals.

Like most of us who suffer in this kind of heat, I am looking forward to the cool down...and continue to hope for rain.

Stop out for some farm goodness. There are lots of delicious eats this week when cooking just seems too hot.

Sending love from the farm,


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