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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

While William and I enjoy morning coffee, we usually take a quick glance at the weather forecast and discuss our plans for the day.

Me: "I've got to get a blog post out and advertise farm store plans for Saturday. It's going to be much colder than I had hoped. Looks like the high during store hours might only get to about four degrees above zero!"

William: "I'm going to do a blog post too...I'm going to write "blog" on a post and put it out by the store. When people ask what it is I can say, "It's my blog post!"

If you're fans of Wordle, you'll understand the theme of the day!

And, unlike Kurt Cobain locked inside a heart-shaped box for weeks, you can sit your tushy on one of our heart-shaped logs next to a blazing warm fire for a few moments on Saturday and Sunday while enjoying the pastoral views that surround the farm. We love word play here at Lake View Farm!

So, what's the plan for the farm store?

  • We'll be open 9-5 this Saturday and Sunday, February 12-13, 2022.

  • We will have a bonfire from 10-2 to keep those of us who wish to visit warm.

  • There will be a few warm sippables and noshables.

What's in the store? Many of our standards: Sunflower Oil, Farmhouse Bars, Sunflower Bird Seed, Felted Wool Hats, CBD Oils, Balms, Bath Fizzies, Soap, and Eggs to name a few.

And new items that I like to think of as A DOZEN ROSES IN A BOTTLE: Wild Rose Jelly, Wild Rose Honey Elixir, Wild Rose Shrub, Wild Rose Syrup, and Wild Rose Water.

You will also find a variety of other fruit shrubs, winter elixirs, sauces and pickled vegetables. I found lots of fun ways to put summer in a bottle!

The store is full, stocked with lots of new products not mentioned here, so you'll want to stop out to explore!

Don't be a chicken!

Sarah & William Brenner

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