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Back from a Southwest Adventure

I'm the first to admit that I'm not much for travel, but this time of year, I fall for the idea that somewhere warm is where I want to be. So, I've gone, returned, feel refreshed and am full of ideas for the Lake View Organic Farm Winter Market @ The Farmhouse World Kitchen! I'll be open Saturdays 10-3 through April 1st at 401 Main Street in Plum City.

Nowadays, come December or January, folks up here in the NORTHLAND talk about getting away from winter for a moment. They book trips to Mexico, Florida or Arizona. The idea seems logical, so alluring, so fun! Yes, get away from all this cold and ice and inside life. Go somewhere where one can move freely without the heavy weight of winter layers, maybe even flaunt the toes in a cute pair of strappy sandals.

But, alas, if you are a homebody like I am, then you know that some of the best vacations are staycations, and that the allure of travel is just that - best to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own locale!

Just as our plane landed from our SOUTHWEST adventure, a friend sent me a note asking for ideas for what to do in March. My jaded and happy-to-be-home somewhat anti-tourist mind immediately came up with not only one idea, but an entire list! She's expecting me to say, "Book an airbnb in Puerto Morelos, Mexico and live like a beach bum for a week" (definitely one of my favorite places to be), but after being away and pining for home, I have a few other ideas about how to spend a vacation.

Perhaps what we already do so often in life is what really brings us joy and pleasure. It's the little things that we take for granted.

1) Invite a small group of friends for a simple supper (or extravagant if you feel ambitious!)- ask them to bring a story to share.

2) Go on a "Goodwill Hunting" adventure with a fellow thrifter. Map a driving tour of five-ten thrift stores and include a stop for lunch.

3) Bundle up, put on some good boots for snow and mud and get walking! Tune into your favorite Apple Radio, Spotify, or playlist or listen to a book on tape while you're out and about. Of course, ask a friend to join and leave the earbuds at home.

4) Stay in your pajamas all day long and read one of 2022s best books. (I'd recommend Barbara Kingsolver's Demon Copperhead if you haven't read it yet.)

5) Spring Clean your way through the week one room at a time. There is nothing more refreshing than a clean home!

6) Try a new recipe with a colorful, plant-based bend.

7) Get creative - paint a picture, write a story, make art, learn how to play the ukulele...anything that you build, make or do will bring joy and satisfaction.

8) Get planting! If you don't already have a place to start summer seeds indoors, go gather some trays and soil. Growing things in the house makes winter so much better!

9) Stay off social media! In this narrowly focused world we find ourselves feeling inadequate, forgetting that we're not seeing the whole picture and believing that the grass is greener.

10) Day trip to small towns where shopkeepers curate local and provide a taste that is unique to their area.

Despite the fact that I have travelled far and wide, I recognize that we don't need to travel to get away. Perhaps more than anything, we would benefit from time at home to move at our own pace, follow our own desires, and nourish our spirits without judgement, comparison, or feeling the need to keep up.

And, despite this jaded temperament of mine, I did enjoy the opportunity to get away for a few days, visit an old friend, hear people speak Spanish all around me, marvel at Southwest architecture, eat the New Mexico Chile and remember why I live here in four seasons. Vacationing can certainly help us appreciate what we have!

Yes, we'll have self-serve LUNCH on Saturday. On the menu a Lebanese Mujadara Bowl with brown rice, lentils, and caramalized onions topped with roasted veggies and Harissa chicken. For my plant-based friends, a veggie version will be available as well. I've got some cookies in the works, too! Yummers!

Stop out. I'd love to see you. It looks like it will be above freezing for a few days making for easy enjoyable travels. Next week will likely be the beginning of MAPLE SEASON. I'll send news of that project as we begin to clear paths, clean pails and get to tapping and cooking soon!

In the meantime, love from Farmlandia!


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