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And then there were EGGS

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

We are back in the business of eggs this weekend! The Farm Store will be open Saturday, February 20th from 10:00-2:00, and there will be eggs for sale!

To those of you who made it out last weekend in the bitter cold - BRAVO and THANKS! We the merchants of Maiden Rock all reported lots of happy folks showing up despite a high temp of NEGATIVE 11! We had a ton of fun putting together an itinerary that gave you a BIG reason to visit our TINY town, and be sure, we are planning more fun for you in the coming months. Put March 20th on your calendars for some hands-on MAPLE syruping fun, and May 8th we will celebrate the great bird FLYWAY that is Lake Pepin/Mississippi River as the gorgeous migratory birds return. (I can't wait to see the INDIGO BUNTINGS!)


For those of you who read the bird saga-back-story from last week, you will remember that the farmers at Lake View began to lament and wonder, "Where the hecky becky are the eggs?" What are we doing wrong? Irritated that the chickens had been playing no major part in the farm other than looking cute and pooping here and there, the farmers decided it was high time to take action as eggs would certainly be nice, and the chickens should be paying their rent!

A light was added to the coop, bedding for the birds was switched from straw to hay after William noticed they were eating it, a different concoction of food that included grit and oyster shell was delivered twice a day to the coop instead of putting them out to free range and forage through the calf feed and spilled grain, water was also brought directly to the coop, and in case a newly spotted feral cat was causing the girls stress (or eating the eggs), they were contained in their coop for a little over a week. A lockdown justified as they weren't too keen on being out in the cold anyway. Well, guess what happened?

Eggs happened, that's what!

Not over night mind you. It took about a week for the new strategies to take effect, and now we've been getting about a dozen eggs a day, up from one - one egg that is!

Now, for the last two days, the girls and their dude, Dixson, have been out and about enjoying the farm, exploring its every nook and cranny again, and making me wonder if the eggs might just start to go missing as the girlies prefer to lay in the hay mow or baler instead. Of course, if that happens, it's more likely racoons or our dog will enjoy the delicacies as we humans won't find them first! Ah, the saga continues...will the lovely lacy-winged ladies of Lake View Organic Farm continue to provide eggs for us all in the coop, or will the egg hunts and research need to continue?

Since enlisting these new strategies, William takes four or five trips to the coop since it has been so cold. If he doesn't make it in time, this happens - frozen solid and split. It doesn't take much to freeze an egg!

Not only will we have our eggs for sale in the store this weekend, but we have a neighbor away in Texas whose birds, left behind, are keeping the farmhand helper quite overwhelmed in eggs. As always, first come, first served.


Of course, there are lots of other treats ready for you in the store outside of eggs. We spent December and January researching the use of our Sunflower Oil and CBD Oil in a skincare regimen. We are excited to offer a variety of Mineral bath soaks, after-bath oils, soothing massage oils also great for winter moisture, and a CBD facial serum that provides just the right moisture for combination skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and has antioxidants that help with healing and regeneration. CBD is anti-inflammatory and is reported to work well for younger folks with acne prone skin. All of these products offer an organic, toxic free way to tackle skin's extreme moisture needs caused by drying winter air.

Warm weather is on the way, snow will begin to melt, a cacophony of birds will greet you in the mornings and outside in comfort we will again be!

See you soon,

Sarah Brenner

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