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An Ode to the Zen and Art of Painting

Soon, very soon, the Farmhouse World Kitchen will be at the point where BIG painting is done and only touch-up after equipment install will remain. I can't wait to get to the fun interior design work! And the fun of actually getting ready to prepare and serve food. I'm still hoping to pull it off by the end of June, but that may not be a realistic goal...time will tell as they say! The TO DO list gets longer each time something is crossed off...and painting takes WAY MORE TIME than I ever think!

Last Wednesday, my dad and I hiked up what seemed like a million storms and screens from the old bank basement. Five torturous days later, they were mostly scraped, primed, painted, caulked, painted again, glass scraped, washed - both sides and installed or moved back to the basement. Oh, the drudgery! In the pain of it all, I decided I must have been born a princess who died then was reincarnated as a strong independent woman who really only had the skills of the princess. I did lots of pouting, foot stomping and brow furrowingI These old windows are gorgeous, but in pretty rough shape. I imagine next year you might hear me groaning and moaning when they need to be scraped and painted again! Big job. Yuck job. Somebody's gotta do it job. Inadvertently, a few streaks remain on the windows reflecting moments of exhaustion and bad temper, and in these perfectly imperfect swaths of grub, I find humility in what it takes to be a strong independent woman! Pity party officially over.

Today I emptied the kitchen and painted the first coat. Tomorrow I should be able to finish. "Keep pecking away at it" is what William likes to say. Peck, peck, ugg! I want to cook not paint!

Speaking of Farmer William, this time of year, in the dew of the morning when it's still too wet to get into the fields, he looks for morels under and around all the dead and dying elms in his woods. The las couple of days he found quite a few. I added some to an asparagus soup with spring nettles for a bright and lively green yum! Some lucky folks might find these goodies in the farm store this week. Don't dilly dally:)

We are so grateful to all of you for the love and support you give us, the farm and the farm store. Although we don't always see you when you stop in, our customers, our friends, our neighbors are in our hearts and minds when we're preparing goodies, hunting mushrooms, planting fields and gardens, and painting restaurants.

We'll be open DAILY for the summer months.

On this rainy day, we're sending love from Fransconsin Farmlandia!

Sarah and William Brenner

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This is looking just beautiful! In fact, it's inspiring for me. I love how that white paint looks in the sunlight. Would you mind telling me what kind of paint it is, exactly? Thanks! Anne Q

Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner

It is looking beautiful, I agree. I'm very pleased with it all so far. I use Behr paint from Home Depot (sorry Menards friends) and it is called "Clear Moon."

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