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Almost Ready to LAUNCH

Here's the sign you'll see on our building hopefully within a week or so.

Here's the dining room where you can take in the Plum City views and gorgeous light.

Here's a rustic plum pie recipe I have been playing with. Rustic plum pie and plum sauce will find their way onto the menu in Plum City, for certain. When our local plums begin to ripen, I hope folks will bring them my way so I can turn them into some plum goodness!

I've hired a staff, and tomorrow we begin with LOTS of training. We won't open the doors until I feel confident that my workers will be confident and be able to help me run this new venture without too many hiccups. Don't worry, you'll get an invite when we are sure we are ready. You're not the only one who is excited about this dang doodly thang!


We are open daily and Sweet William has been there to tend to it. I keep it stocked with goodies so feel free to stop out for a farm visit. New last week: A couple of strawberry jams the way I like them with a little, "Hey, what's that unique flavor?" One is finished with a touch of balsamic and the other jammed with BASIL! Yes, basil and strawberries make a lovely duo.

Hopefully we'll be ready to open July 14th...stay tuned for news of the restaurant.

Sending love from the farm and Plum City,


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