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A Year's Difference

You might guess that I refer to the significant seasonal change we are experiencing this year. Yesterday I spent the day outside in the gorgeous sunshine spray painting some new/old wicker furniture and sprucing up the screen porch. Last year at this time, deer stood about four feet taller on a mountain of snow at the edge of my driveway, and we had not even tapped the maples yet! Now, I spend the afternoon reading on the porch and we've bottled two batches of syrup already! I may need to mow soon.

If you're one of the lucky participants joining me for Saturday's Storytelling & Memoir Adult Day Camp, you may get the chance to pen a story on this very permitting.

Max and Claire visited this weekend and Homer definitely got lots of love! I took the kids for a walk through the sugar bush, fed them delicious food and prodded their twenty something brains for ideas about what big ideas are in store for the world. It's amazing to watch this next generation blooming into the world! It gives me hope for a better future.

Eat a salad.

Kiss your kids.

Take a walk.

Sending you all mountains of LOVE,


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