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A wool-QUIET-small-hat-making day

This past Sunday transported me back in time to the days before machinery, automobiles and high density living. For some reason, the world up here on the bluffs above the mighty Mississippi flyway that we call Lake Pepin, was so profoundly quiet. I spent the day enjoying the absence of noise. I heard no tractors in the fields, no cars or trucks on the road, no fans or air conditioners whirring, no cacophony of animals mooing, clucking, tweeting or quacking. There was just silence - a silence so quiet I tiptoed around so not to disturb the slumber, a silence so enveloping that I lost track of time and imagined the ancestors gathering as if beckoned back by this stillness. I saw visions of First Nations people wearing quiet moccasins as they crossed the field preparing for a hunt. This was the kind of quiet that demanded attention. So deep was this silence that I listened intently. Not even the trees spoke their breeze inspired rustles or shushes.

Normally as Kaia and I walk each day, I enjoy having my ears filled with a book or music, but on Sunday, sounds just seemed inappropriate and my earbuds irritating. I took them out to hear the silence. All I could hear was the crunch of my steps on the gravel and the quiet musings and meditations in my head as I reflected. This day of quiet felt so right; so needed after what seemed such a busy and noisy summer.

Later, after the dog walked me, I spent a couple of hours in silence working on a felted hat. My silent crochet hook was a perfect companion for such a still day. To crochet with wool is to build with no noise. Silently, the hook travels between my fingers, leaving in its wake a creation of soft and quiet wool. For those of you looking for one of my hats in a smaller size, there are now a couple of them in the store. They are very warm and fashionable for winter.

The farm store will be open Thursday - Sunday 9-5 with all of our staples like CBD oil, Sunflower Oil Soap, William's Wooden Coasters, Sunflower Oil, Salad Dressing, Mustard, Sunflower Seeds for the birds, Maple Syrup, HOT Sauces and QUIET WOOL HATS - peace and love stitched into each one.

There are tinges of color in the trees and the fields are turning yellow - all signs to quiet down, look inward, and prepare for a graceful winter ahead.

Sending love from the farm!


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