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A Tale of Two Farms

As many of you know, William and I married a little over a year ago. We were neighbors before a married couple, so had our separate places. We decided to keep both as each farm has a special place for us, and each farm is "home" for us. My place is a little fifteen acre oasis off a gravel road tucked away from the hustle and the bustle. I have way too many gardens to manage and enough lawn to compare me to a city park or golf course! Needless to say, the Driftless Dirt Farm has been neglected this summer with the advent of the Lake View Organic Farm Store.

This week, however, we had a request to host a business work retreat for a group of nine who due to COVID, have not been able to connect or work much personally. They will spend the day at the Dirt Farm reconnecting, working and enjoying pizza. Guests coming to spend the day is the perfect impetus to get the place back in shape! Gardens are tidy, the lawn is mowed, and the old garage cleaned out and turned into the "Dirt Farm Event Center!" That's a stretch, but the old shed made for a perfect ventilated COVID safe work space. I have yet to get it dressed up with linens and flowers, but it should be a pretty comfortable place to reunite and get some work done together.

Since the weather will be a bit cool, I decided to prepare a firepit area for warming chilly toes and hands, and the wood shed patio backdrop makes for another good breakout session area.

Silo Pizza in the Spring

Happy Farmer Pizza

Since I have the place all ready to go, I figured I'd offer. If you have a small group (no more than 14) who would like to enjoy the Driftless Dirt Farm for a work retreat, please send me an email ( with potential dates and ideas. The farm will be available, M-F between now and the end of October - weather permitting. Retreat fee is $75-$100 per person depending on time spent on property and menu choices.

As I have been busy at the Dirt Farm, Lake View Farm has been neglected just a bit! Even so, the store will be open this weekend with lots of nifty gifty ideas for the holidays. Next weekend (starting September 24th) we will have the FALL WOODS SUGAR HILL HIKING TRAILS OPEN so you can join us for the autumn splendor!

Hope to see you out for a breath of fresh air and some relaxation away from all the stressors of the day.

Best to you all!

Sarah Brenner

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