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A Killer on the Loose

Updated: Feb 20

WARNING PIERCE COUNTY: There's a stray dog in the Maiden Rock neighborhood and she has NOT been trained (like most farm dogs) to protect chickens or ducks! She is leaving a trail of death behind her. (25 chickens and 11 ducks just on our farm!)

There is always gunky junk to deal with on a farm, but sometimes when we vacation the worst things happen. We are fortunate to have two very capable men in our neighborhood who come to take care of the place. They know the ins and outs of farming as well as William, so we can leave, rest assured that all will be fine. We're incredibly grateful for their help as it makes taking a breather from the farm even possible. But, they've had to deal with some of farming's gunky junk while we're gone.

One year when we were in Hawaii huge amounts of snow caused the roof of the cattle shed to collapse. A couple cows were killed and a calf born in that fiasco. The farmhands and a few others dealt with that mess in the midst of a blizzard and mountains of snow while we were off in the tropics!

This year, these guys had to deal with the aftermath of an unfortunate farm visitor. This visiting stray dog not only killed most of our chickens (we had about 25) and all eleven of our ducks, but went down the road to the neighbor's and killed their chickens as well! The real clincher of this story is that our neighbor managed to lock the dog in the chicken coop and called the police. When the officer arrived, he miscalculated the dog's motivation, opened the door and allowed it to escape! As far as we know, the dog is still on the loose with reported sightings on trail cams all over the county.

These things happen, but being on vacation when they do, makes it all the more difficult. We're upset about the dead animals, but really hate that our wonderful and helpful neighbors had to be the ones to deal with it. Life and its dang lemons.


The first camp (Transitions) is nearly full (2 spaces available), and the second camp is filling up! Let me know if you'd like to join me on that adventure. I will send out confirmations for the first camp February 17th. Deadline to sign up is 2/22/24.

For the Memoir Camp March 9th, I will send out confirmations on March 2, 2024. The deadline to register is March 7th.

Here's the ORIGINAL ADULT DAY CAMP POST if you missed it.


The farm store is open - come for cookies, birdseed, sunflower oil and a variety of other wonderful treats. The ducks won't be there to greet you anymore, but Homer most certainly will be. (The stray dog scared him so much he ran up the silo shoot, got stuck inside and had to be rescued. Good thing he's so vocal!)

Stay well. Enjoy the sun today!

Sending love from the farm,


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From what we were told from the neighbor (and the cameras) she matches the description of the missing English Bulldog/Lab from Maiden Rock. She is brown, white and black. That post can be found on Facebook by searching "missing dog Maiden Rock."


Jan 31

Is there a description of the dog?

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