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A Foodie Frenzy - Hazelnuts!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

If you're tuned into farming solutions for climate change and carbon sequestration, you might have heard recent rumblings about the hazelnut. It's making headway in Wisconsin as Northland College's Hulings Rice Food Center in Ashland has been experimenting with the hazelnut in the hopes that it will one day become a viable cash crop for northern farms with potential to replace a bit of the sea of corn and soybeans surrounding us. It's native, pretty resistant to climate change and great at sequestering carbon....Oh, and seriously delicious!

One of our neighbors, Anne Weiland, has been growing hazelnuts for the last few years and recently spent a day at Northland College where they have the facility to shell the hazelnut - an otherwise difficult process for anyone but a squirrel! Her "Squirrel's Choice" Hazelnuts will be available in our farm store in 1 lb. bags of raw nuts and two roasted blends - one sweet, one spicy. These Wisconsin LOCAL treasures are a must for the kitchen pantry and make great gifts for any foodie in your life.

Sending love from the farm,


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