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A Cutie Patootie, Indeed!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

While I may have forgotton to blog last week as I was completely enmeshed with a new little sweetie in my life, I've not stopped making goodies for the farm store! New this week: Harissa, Lentil Veggie Soup, lots of handmade felted wool hats, and a variety of COOKIES! AND...the store also received a lovely new paint job to match the barn refresh that took place last fall. It's so cute!

What? A new sweetie? Yes, I have had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with a toddler neighbor while his parents are off to work. He and Kia take me on my daily walk and I've enlisted myself in a scheme towards language development with my background and can't be helped! I'm a jabber jaw and he's testing new words each day! When little ones start to talk don't you just think it's wowsome hearing them push out such gigantic learning from one so seemingly little? There's nothing better than sweet toddler love! Not only toddler love, but I get to spend time with his big sister who asked me to teach her to crochet! It's fun playing "Grandma" to these two cuties!

William has all of his equipment out - he's combining corn, mowing cornstalks, round baling, mowing and raking hay, and square baling. With the favorable weather this week, and if he doesn't have any major breakdowns, he'll be wrapping up the Fall 2023 harvest in the next ten days or so. He's been a busy guy the last few weeks...months actually!

I've been making hats with the sauna crowd in mind. Apparently in Finland, felted hats are worn in the sauna to regulate heat. I figure if folks are enjoying the heat together and scantily clad to boot, a funny hat might be just the thing to add to the festivities. Some of my new hats have fringe, some have ears, some have funny tassles and I've expanded into a few new colors schemes. They are super duper warm, not tight like most hats, and make great gifts!

The farm store will remain open DAILY 9-5 at least through the first three weeks in December. The weather of late has been fine to keep our little unheated building stocked with farm fundries with no worry of things freezing up.

Come see the new paint job and enjoy the nostalgia of a big red barn farm! The ducks are usually around to quack a big hello!

Thank you for all your support and love!

Sarah & Bill Brenner

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1 comentário

15 de nov. de 2023

What a great addition to the Farm Store. Looks fantastic.

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