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2020 Closing Time

A stunning sunset falling behind the photographer lit up the landscape to give our neighbors a wowsome view of the farm! Thanks for sharing Drews and Hanzliks!

It's time to wrap up our first season of "The Farm Store" at Lake View Organic Farm. We opened as a pop-up in the haymow last April, and we're winding down for the season this weekend. Sunday, December 6th we'll close at 5:00, and look forward to seeing you all again with new treats and surprises in March or April (although a few pop-ups before that are not out of the question!)

It has been great fun to share the peace and bounty of the farm with all of you. Our little farm store made one of my dreams come true. I wanted to find a way to add sunflower oil to our local food pantry - to grow the seeds, press the oil and get it into local kitchens. You all helped us move our eleven acres of black seed sunflower seeds from our fields to your feasts! I know many of you fell in love with the rich nutty flavor of sunflower oil, learned about its heart-healthy benefits, enjoyed (or like me, became addicted to) our salad dressings, and found our full-farm CBD oil (decarboxylated into our sunflower oil) to be just the thing to help you ease the pain and sleep better. I am so proud that Lake View Farm was successful in adding this culinary oil into our local food pantry, and grateful to all of you in your desire to support this venture!

Of course, there are a few things in our part of the world that we just simply cannot grow ourselves, but I know we should be able to add good quality small grain flours, a variety of dried beans and ... chocolate! Oh, I guess that's wishful thinking, but William and I will continue to play with the grains and beans until we figure it out up here on the hill.

What a FABULOUS THANKSGIVING we got to share with friends! I cooked the big meal with a variety of menu items then portioned them out for sale in the store for folks who wanted to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but not have to cook for a COVID one-household group of two or three. It was a virtual gathering of friends up and down the river who didn't sit with each other, but all shared the same meal.

We shared our feast with two friends from the Cities, an elderly woman in Wabasha whose son brought her the meal, and friends from many points between. One couple sent me a note telling me how in normal times, their farm in Alma is the place where their family comes together for fun Thanksgiving chaos. This year, however, facing COVID with a compromised immune system, the two faced the holiday alone. At first they thought they'd just avoid the whole thing, leave the farm and head to their place in the city. On the way, they remembered seeing that I was offering a traditional meal out of the store, so they stopped in for goodies.

What they did next really surprised me! When they left the store, they figured they'd get home, warm everything up and enjoy the meal, but they couldn't wait! They needed to taste Thanksgiving right then and there, so they pulled over on a quiet country road next to a lovely patch of woods, found some abandoned take-out spoons under the seat, and enjoyed their meal in the countryside...cold! Gravy and all. And, you know what? They tell me it was delicious. Sometimes all we need is the taste of things to wash away the tears.

I hope you will stop out to say hi one last time this weekend. The weather looks to be lovely for December. Although we are SOLD OUT of sunflower oil, we have lots of other things. I will have a variety of soups, a new WHITE WINE MAPLE MUSTARD for your holiday charcuterie boards, and Beef and Potato EMPANADAS if my time in the kitchen goes as planned!

You do know Ruth Raich at JENNY LIND (call to order) and Sandra Theilman at THE SMILING PELICAN BAKESHOP (porch self-serve honorshop) will be serving up West Coast Wisconsin's finest breads and sweet treats on Saturday, December 5th. This is a great opportunity, if you come from far and wide, to make one last stop in our area before the snow flies! And, you'll want to check out Maiden Rock's newest gallery hosting the work of local artists - The Nest has really lovely art - both usable and visual.

If I don't see you until the weather begins to warm, stay well and uplifted in mind and body. Eat well, sleep well and get the wiggles out! I'll be thinking of you all as I scheme and plan new ideas for the upcoming season on the farm. I'll stay in touch with stories and notes here and there - look for me in your Wednesday emails - sign up on the homepage of the website if you haven't.

Love to you all,

Sarah Brenner

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